Aaron Turner

Aaron enjoying a breather

Name: Aaron Turner

Age: 29

Team Role: Rider – London to Melbourne

Nickname: Taz

What’s your motivation for this ride?
To undertake a massive physical challenge and promote a cause in Child Rescue that underlines how lucky we are in some countries to be born into relative safety & opportunity. Plus I will be able to eat as much as I want for 8 months.

What country are you looking forward to travelling through the most?
Iran, it’s a relatively seldom travelled country by many westerners and I’m sure it will have a lot to offer including culture, history & cuisine.

Who’s going to be the biggest pest on this ride and why?
Daniel Seehusen, just having to see his Shrek like feet all the time for 8 months will be gruelling enough!

What will you miss the most?
Dim Sims and the couch.

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