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Ride2Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation, with the sole purpose to increase awareness and funds to help combat child trafficking and abuse.
Originally Ride2Rescue was created by four friends who travelled from London to Melbourne on bicycles for this cause. In fourteen months they cycled 24,000 km through 27 countries exposing the reality of child trafficking that exists throughout the world. Child Trafficking is said to be the third most profitable industry worldwide, after drugs and weapons.
Each year Ride2Rescue will be organising a group bicycle ride through South East Asia. Lead by London to Melbourne riders Daniel Seehusen and John Clark you will have a fantastic adventure travel experience but will also make a difference. With all participants expected to fundraise for our partner charity Child Wise Cambodia.
Child Wise Cambodia is a child protection organisation committed to the prevention and reduction of child abuse, exploitation and trafficking in Cambodia.
In December 2013 the inaugural Ride2Rescue group ride hit the road cycling from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The trip was a massive success as our group of 21 riders raised almost $40,000 for the cause.
Details of the 2014 ride have now been released!! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!
Child Trafficking occurs every day, children are being sold for as little as $10 into underground brothels, sweat shops and recruited to fight in wars.
Now is the time to make a difference, take on a cycling challenge with Ride2Rescue!
If you are unable to join us on two wheels you can still throw your support behind the Ride2Rescue 2014 team by donating. Click here to donate!!

 Danny and John

After completing the 24,000km journey with Ride2Rescue Danny and John are now available as guest speakers for primary schools, high schools, clubs and businesses.
Danny and John are ideal for any crowd regardless of the audience’s age; they can capture the imagination of primary school children, act as role models for young adults, provide inspiration to workplaces or simply entertain at a sporting club or organisation.

Awesome PersonalitiesAwesome Personalities

 The world is a big place with an absolute abundance of individuality. This individuality is something we really want to capture throughout our trips.
Whether they have been of great assistance during the rides or whether they’re simply a cracking person to talk too, this is the page where they will be recognised.

Trudie and StingTrudie and Sting

They’re one of the most well known couples on the planet and in support of Ride2Rescue, Trudie and Sting have endorsed the work Ride2Rescue does to help put an end to child trafficking. Click the link below to read some of our other testimonials!
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